Week 8: Listing Presentation

Week #8: Listing Presentation

Vital to the process…

  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade — everything about you and what you say if you want to be a great listing agent.
  • People are judged on their appearance. If you are going to walk into a house and expect to be paid a 10k, 15k, 20k commission ….. You don’t think they are going to judge you on your appearance?
  • They expect a professional.
  • Develop the mindset that you are a professional sales person

Knock on the door:

  • Mr and Mrs Smith I’m so excited to be here and to get your home on the market and get t sold. Can I take a look around?
  • Review 1 minute listing presentation — You can get a contract signed if you know what to say.
  • What if on question #3 they say to you — Well it depends on what you say you do to get the home sold….
  • Well Mr and Mrs Smith what I am prepared to do now is walk you through the process of exactly what I do to get a home sold. And if what you hear and see agrees with you are you prepared to sign the contract when we are finished? Ok great, let’s get right into it.

Knowing what to say is the answer — You have to upgrade what you say

Several Facets to becoming a great listing agent:

  • Ability to pre-qualify
  • Ability to present a strong pre listing package
  • Ability to understand pricing/market conditions
  • Ability to present with energy and enthusiasm
  • Ability to use a strong canned or planned presentations – Use the right words

Upgrade everything you do and all of your processes.

I want better results but I’m not willing to change my behavior — That doesn’t work


  • Start role playing your listing presentation daily
  • Preview homes before the presentations
  • Tell the Seller the truth
  • Upgrade your presentation
  • Study Top Superstar Listing Agent presentations