Week 9: The Listing Process

Week #9: The Listing Process

This is the heart and soul of a great Listing Agent

What are the 3 things we should say on a listing presentation?

The 3 things a Seller wants to know…

  • How much is my house worth
  • How long will it take to sell?
  • What are you going to do to get it sold?

Every Seller wants these 3 things answered…so why do we spend so much time talking about everything else besides these 3 things.

What are the other questions the Seller will have?

What if you can walk into a house and answer all of their questions – Then ask if they have any other questions – If none ask to sign the contract please.

What if they then give you any objections?

So what if you know how to handle all of the objections?

The better you answer their questions and have a strong presentation – The fewer objections you will receive.

There has to be a beginning to a presentation – The one minute presentation is your starter.

5 Step Listing Process

  1. Pre-qualify 100% of the people 100% of the time no exceptions
    1. It determines if they are serious or not
    2. It gives you their concerns or objections
    3. It demonstrates your professionalism
    4. Gets you around the building rapport stage by getting you to their motivation
  2. Mail or deliver a professional pre-listing package
    1. 24/48 hours in advance
    2. Sets them up for your coming in
    3. Answers most of their questions up front
  3. Call back to confirm receipt of package and appointment
    1. Draws out objections in advance
    2. They might have concerns or questions on the price or commission
  4. Show up physically, mentally and emotionally prepared
    1. Show up 15 minutes early
    2. Review notes from pre-qual and presentation
  5. Follow the presentation script verbatim
    1. Sales presentation – Question based presentation

The Seller gives the listing to the sales person who earns it, not to the person who needs it. You earn it by being a professional sales person. That’s the big part of the Listing Process.

Designed to give you the confidence to present to the Seller.

Create for yourself a pre-listing routine:

  • Get your mindset in order
  • Practice your presentation
  • Look and dress professionally
  • Make sure that you have all of the proper materials with you
  • Always be very punctual


  • Review these notes every day this week
  • The more you review this – The more you will understand it
  • Continue practicing your listing presentation daily
  • Actually, use the presentation script at least once verbatim