Week 7: Pre-Qualifying

Week #7: Pre-Qualifying

All professionals pre-qualify (doctors, attorneys, pilots)

  • Pre-qualifying sets you apart from the competition and being the professional
  • When pre-qualifying look for people that have to sell, not want to (growing the family, new job, kids leaving to collage, etc).
  • Spend more time pre-qualifying and less time building relationships in order to build the quality of your appointments

Basic Rules

  • Pre-qualify 100% of your prospects 100% of the time and ask 100% of the questions
  • Allows you to set standards to build your business long term
  • Allow you to have more energy when you are on the presentation itself
  • People that don’ pre-qualify usually are not going to prospect

Agents that do pre-qualify….

  • Focus on income producing activities
  • Get to choose which clients they want to work with
  • Have less client problems

If clients answers are vague and unclear — don’t be afraid to ask more questions to dig deeper. You don’t want to waste theirs or your time.

Its ok to lose a client during the pre-qual process. It’s better to lose them at this point vs at the presentation so you don’t waste time


  • Listen to a live pre-qual presentation role play via YouTube
  • Commit this week and pre-qualify every single appointment that you have
  • Keep prospecting and follow your schedule