eXp Realty


eXp Realty is a revolutionary financial model that has shifted our industry. The below 6 points will highlight the major differences in the financial model as a brokerage.

I am beyond excited to share this life-changing opportunity with all fellow real estate agents, team leaders and brokerage owners because this opportunity has dramatically affected the lives of over 50,000 agents across the Country and expanding worldwide! There is a reason for this massive growth which is allowing real estate agents across the globe to build a real estate business and wealth beyond whatever has been made available before.

In this breakdown, we will go over the tools, training, resources, and financial model that eXp provides its agents as well as exactly how to take advantage of this growing opportunity by taking part in our movement.

Here are 6 things you NEED to know about the eXp Realty model:

1. eXp Realty Unique Compensation Plan

The eXp Realty full-service model provides agents with a favorable 80%/20% split with the company. The agent gets to keep 80% of the commission on every sale until they pay in a $16,000 annual cap, then the agent keeps 100% of the commission earned.

2. ​Equity Opportunities at eXp Realty

eXp Realty is built and owned by their agents. There are multiple ways for real estate agents to get awarded stock shares of EXPI, a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ just from the daily work in the business, helping people buy and sell homes.

Starting with the completion of their first sale each year! You earn awarded stock shares for your production and for efforts to build your team and the company – starting with the completion of your first sale each year! You earn stock in a massively growing company, building a retirement portfolio, by simply doing the same business production that you are doing now.

Icon Agent Award – This is an incredible earning opportunity for top producing agents that partner with eXp Realty. As an Icon agent, you earn your entire $16,000 cap back in company stock awards each year!

As a recognized Icon Agent this not only means that you are at the equivalent of getting 100% commission on your sales each year. This also adds substantial growth to your built-in retirement account. That is awarded to you for doing the production you are already doing!

In order to hit Icon Agent status, the agent must hit their cap for the year and complete an additional 20 transactions in the same year. This program can change your life financially!

3. ​Build a Real Estate Team with no Borders!

eXp Realty’s built-in team building system is hands down one of the main reasons eXp has seen such exponential growth worldwide.

It has taken the traditional team model out of the picture and has created a platform to allow agents and team leaders to build a massive expansion, global teams, and networks with no restrictions. It allows for a duplicatable system for agents or teams to take advantage of to create an incredible asset for themselves and their agents while cross sharing knowledge, training, and resources, all while being in financial alignment.

It is a duplicatable system for agents or teams to take advantage creating an incredible asset for themselves and their agents. The company pays you 3.5% of the gross commission from every sale of every agent you introduce to the company. This is paid out on every deal until the agent hits their cap and resets each year. This revenue is paid out of eXp’s revenue, not from the agent.

The revenue share model is so powerful because of the duplication and opportunity given to ALL agents, with a cascading effect for 7 tiers. The game-changer is in those tiers – you will be paid revenue share for the agents introduced to the company by agents YOU introduced to the company.

This financial model will forever change the way agents are financially compensated for their agent-to-agent interaction. This is a relationship business! Your relationships are the driving force of all recruiting in the industry.

4. eXp World

The World is one of the main reasons why eXp can create a revolutionary cloud-based system and company, allowing National and International teams and compensation platforms.

eXp World allows agents to save a massive amount of time and money by not having to physically travel to an office for support and resources. Essentially, we’ve broken down the physical barrier of real estate that existed and allow agents to interact with other agents and partners in all areas of the world.

With our 600-person LIVE support staff, the major duties to run a real estate operation or team are already built-in ….brokerage operations in a box, allowing you to spend most of your time on building your team and increasing sales. providing all your own tech, training, accounting, and marketing support can be a massive workload and expense.

5. Outsourcing Your Business

With the built-in 600-person live support staff, the major duties to run a real estate operation or team are already built-in. These staff members range from onboarding, tech support to transaction file review and compliance to payment processing and more!

As a real estate agent, team leader, or broker-owner, this full-service brokerage operations in a box, allows you to spend almost all of your time on building your team and increasing sales. Having to provide all of your own tech, training, accounting, and marketing support can be a massive workload and expense for most.

eXp provides the infrastructure to outsource all of the internal support, compliance and technical support needed to run or build your office or team so you can focus on and create more income-producing activities.

eXp Realty is not only great for agents and provides a fantastic full-service platform and financial model, but it was really built for team leaders and brokers. There is a reason why many of the biggest builders and leaders in the industry have pivoted their entire teams and offices to partner with eXp!

6. How to Take Advantage of this MASSIVE Opportunity

Once you understand the fundamentals of this business model, you can easily see why this is a life-changing opportunity. The real estate world is changing – you can either join the movement, or stand by and watch!

Use the exact systems and tools we provide to scale our agents’ businesses – they are accessible and taught daily, so you can implement them immediately into your business. From live daily role-play, developing a listing-based business system, to marketing and lead generation strategies, to a proven agent-attraction system, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Watch the speed of growth and success you and your team can have by adopting and leveraging those same systems and leadership.

Come learn about the most systematically advanced global real estate group, with the fastest-growing brokerage in North American history, helping real estate professionals build their own multiple income streams business.