We’ve Got You.

Below you’ll find the resources THAT ARE key to your success in getting started with exp and taking advantage of all the tools and ACCESS available to you as a cofounder’s member AND EXP AGENT.

The eXp Model Explained

A high-level overview presentation of the eXp Realty brokerage model and agent value proposition.

CEO Glenn Sanford

The mindset around the reason why eXp has revolutionized the industry. We will build and own everything together as us.

Onboarding Concierge

To start the process, our Onboarding Concierge will start the pre-onboarding process immediately creating your marketing materials and integration into our resources and training.

Health Care

eXp Agent Healthcare offers exclusive plans for agents and their families. Check out the network, coverage and plans.

Regus Office Space

eXp Agents receive complimentary access to more than 3,000 Regus working spaces and meeting rooms around the world.

ICON Program

The ICON Program is a production incentive where agents that meet or exceed the production requirements can earn their $16,000 cap back in Stock Awards.

Stocks Program

All eXp agents are eligible to earn stock awards under the Agent Growth Incentive Program for their production and building of the company.

Revenue Share

eXp pays out 50% of its gross revenue to its agents that help to build the company.

Teams at eXp

Understanding Traditional Team types and commission structures under eXp Realty.

Letter of Intent

The LOI is intended for agents and team leaders to lock in their sponsor position while transitioning their agents and team members while finishing transactions or transition timelines.

Cap Deferment Program

To make transitions easy to eXp Realty, if you have a cap at your current brokerage that you have already paid into, fill out the application below. eXp will match your cap and you will join at 100% until that cap reset date!

Lead Generation

If looking for an effective and reliable source of incoming lead generation, the built-in platforms within KV Core and Making It Rain make it easy. There are multiple channels of Lead Gen we help you set up.

Luxury Collection

The eXp Realty Luxury Collections supports and assists agents who service the luxury community including branding, resources, and marketing.

Mentor Program

The eXpand Mentor Program provides new licensees with a learning platform and built-in one-on-one mentorship to have the knowledge and support to start a successful career.

Fast Start Series

The Fast Start Series is designed for new licensed agents to have a fast launch into the business with all of the fundamentals in their first 2 weeks!

Explore Guide

A comprehensive online resource of everything you might need or want to know that exists within eXp Realty!