Week 6: Lead Follow Up

Week #6: Lead Follow Up

What is your definition of a lead?

  • You have to define what a good lead is to you
  • A lead is a person that is buying or selling within ___ days
  • The key to lead follow up is being fanatical about your how often you contact them.
  • The better we become at prospecting and lead follow up – The fewer leads we will need.
  • You will have stronger conversion ratios as your leads you are working with will be truly motivated leads.
  • The key to a great lead depends on their motivation. You cannot manufacture motivation (you cannot talk someone into being motivated). Move on to find the ones that are motivated.
  • Each week take a look at all of the leads you have and assess how many will sign a contract within ___ days?
  • Leads is a numbers game – You will churn leads on a regular basis
  • Leads have no actual value — But appointments and contracts do

What’s the ideal Lead Follow Up system?

  • 3×5 cards
  • Name address, phone number, email address
  • Top — seller or buyer
  • Bottom – date lead acquired
  • Script: Hi Mr/Mrs Seller do you still have to buy or sell?


  • Call all your leads and ask them for an appointment
  • Anyone not doing business within ___ days, throw them away
  • You’re going to feel good…
  • You’re probably going to have to do some more prospecting