Week 5: Learning Scripts

Week #5: Learning Scripts

How does a great script benefit you and your customer?

  • A great script is 100% customer oriented – designed to engage the customer
  • Scripts are automatic in your response – You don’t have to always think about what to say next
  • Uninterrupted – Keeps you on track

Why do most real estate agents resist using scripts?

  • 90% resist and fight it every step of the way
  • Agents want to change and edit it — Don’t fight it
  • Agents think they know a better way
  • They think the script will make us look like a sales person
  • I don’t know the script
  • Takes me out of my comfort zone
  • I don’t want to change what I’m doing
  • We are used to allowing the customer to control the conversation
  • We are too lazy to learn the scripts — It takes invested time
  • We are independent contractors — You can’t tell me what to do
  • Using scripts may cause us to succeed – people are afraid of success

**You must identify what it is the reason you are fighting using the scripts?

Benefits to the Customer and You

  • Give you confidence to do your job
  • Doesn’t allow you to waste the customers time
  • Allows you to stay focused and stay in the present moment to get what’s need to get done
  • Allows us to discuss what’s important to the Seller
  • Provides consistency in what we say
  • The agent remains in control
  • Provides information so the customer can make a valid decision
  • Shows the customer the exact benefit of working with you over someone else

**Get your ego out of the way

How do we internalize the script – Make it who we are

  • Create a positive expectation with knowing the scripts inside out, backwards and forwards (I can pay off my debt, I can take my family on vacation, kids collage fund, savings account, new car, etc)
  • Every day for 30 days write down the 5 positive benefits from learning the scripts
  • Write out for 30 days the 5 negative consequences if you fail to learn the scripts
  • Write out your production income goals for 30 days and affirmations (when I learn these scripts I will earn an additional 30k in income)
  • Read the first sentence of the script 5 times out loud (the questions are designed where the customer cannot say no)
  • Read it again out loud 5 times with a smile on your face — notice the difference in tonality
  • Then read the second sentence on the script and read it out loud 10 times while smiling
  • Take your script and turn it over — Say both sentences out loud 10 times without looking with a smile. If you make a mistake start over.
  • Then repeat the same exercise with the next 5 sentences — 10 times out loud reading it, then 10 times with the script turned over. Add one more sentence each time.
  • Then to take it a step further….Turn your script over and say the full script out loud 10 times as fast as you can. This imbeds the concept into your sub-conscious mind (muscle memory)

If you want to take your scripts to the next level….

  • Create your own affirmations of the scripts – Record them and listen to them all the time

How long will it take me to learn the scripts?

  • If it took you 6 months would it be worth it?


Review these notes every day this week