Week 4: Past Clients and COI

Week #4: Past Clients and COI

  • This is one method of prospecting — Extremely important
  • If everything else doesn’t work — Past Clients/COI should be a focal point
  • Of top agents: 30-40% of their sales come from past Clients/COI
  • Accumulate this list — Everyone should be able to create a list of 100 people. Add your past Clients to this list
  1. You have to get clear that Past Clients/COI are your personal gold mine or your biggest business asset
  2. Treat them with respect because they will allow your business to grow
  3. 10% rule — Take total # of your database >> If you work the system property, 10% will either do a deal with you or refer you a deal every year. (If you have 200 people you will receive 20 deals per year.) What % are you getting now from your database?
  4. Don’t hesitate to call the ones you haven’t called in a while – They haven’t been sitting around waiting for your call
  5. Need to speak with or leave a message 4x per year with each person
    1. 200 total in database
    2. Working 250 days per year
    3. Contact 3.5 per day
    4. Share information about the economy
    5. Share information on the industry
    6. Shae what’s going on in their market place
  6. Send a Postcard or letter 4 x per year reminding them you are in the business
    1. This will equate to 8 touches per year
  7. If there is someone you don’t want to call – then they shouldn’t be in your database
  8. Always make these calls with high levels of energy and enthusiasm – draws people to you
  9. Determine who in your database will give you a lot of referrals – Stay involved with them. Send them a Thank you note for the referral
  10. Think about how you are going to build your database to a minimum of 500 names, 1000 names and beyond
    1. Now think about the 10% rule……it gets exciting


  • Create the database list
  • Map out the plan for making the calls and sending the postcards
  • Put this plan in motion