CoFounders Training Platform

Seller Mastery

Step-by-Step duplicatable process to create or elevate your listing game and to become a dominant listing agent in your marketplace. Where to generate seller business, a prelisting system, listing presentation system, seller value ads, exactly what to do after you’ve taken the listing active. All of this and more is covered in this series to get you listing more properties.


We know that transitioning, period, can be an overwhelming task. We have a process set up to walk you through it every step of the way. We will simplify what you need to know, what you need to have access to right now, and where to go to for what inside of eXp and CoFounders, to keep your business moving fluid. Then we can work on growth!

Virtual Assistant Hiring System

Working with Virtual Assistants in your business can have huge leverage advantages. Most just don’t know where to start or how to set it up. We have been working with VA’s for 7+ years now and have 4 to 70 in my employment at a given time over the years. We have helped many agents and companies scale what they are doing by hiring VA’s and ISA’s. We know the process and will help you put this in place for your business.

Getting Started on Social Media 101

In Real estate we look at making sure you have several pilers for lead generation into your business as it grows long term. Starting with Prospecting and building your referral database, to what we can do with social media, to organic online presence. You want to create an outbound and inbound engines working for you. In these starter courses you will learn how to lay the foundation to creating incoming lead engines.

ICON Agent Overview and Tracking

Hitting ICON Production Status is a major achievement that any eXp agent is striving for to reap the bigger benefits long term! Included in this short course is a quick walk through to navigate through exactly where and how you can monitor and track exactly where you are in hitting ICON status. As well as what to expect next in the process.

MFO 21 Point Sales System

Mike Ferry is the Founding and Top Real Estate Sales Coach in the Nation for the past 45 years. The most productive and highest producing agents and teams across the industry have been coaching with Mike’s systems for years. If you want to be the best – You copy what the best are doing. Building a highly productive real estate business requires structure. That structure is an exact system you can follow and put in place. The Mike Ferry 21-Point Sales System is the Foundation to building a duplicatable and scalable sales business.

Tactical Buyer and Seller Scripts in a Shift

In a changing Market most agents are struggling with how to have the conversation to actually get clients to pull the trigger and move forward. You have to know how to creatively put deals together. What to say to your sellers to get them to the right price that will sell their home today. How to communicate to buyers how to get what they want and get creative with how to keep their payments low and get them into a house today. And how to communicate the market effectively with your Database.

Building Your Database

Building Your Database – Future Proofing Your Business — Creating inbound and outbound engines to your business — Leveraging Marketing Automation. This is the core pilar to building your real estate business and should start from day 1 and compound every week and every year. We will give you the foundation to get started today on creating a long term and massive return into building and feeding your database.

Follow Up Process

90% of your business will come from a follow up call. We know that most sales people never make the 3rd, 4th, 5th call to the prospect. Your Follow Up process should be planned, scheduled, practiced, and leveraging technology to keep your active and target databases warm!

Business Planning Workshop

Having a strong business plan is the foundation of any great salesperson or business being operated. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We will help you create the goal and the roadmap to get there through this important process.

Mornings with Coach Cooley

Powerful morning message with Coach Cooley. Cooley knows how to bring heat each and every day and is always going to give it to you straight. Start your day with motivation, inspiration, accountability, and the structure to fire up your daily routine!! Go back and listen again or write take aways.

Future Proofing Your Business

This course helps agents to develop the foundation to build a sustainable business that is not reliant on the company they work for. That is not reliant on paying the big marketing companies for leads. That is not reliant on the ups and downs of the market. If you want to create a business that will sustain long into the future these are the steps to put the three main pillars in place.

Buyer Mastery

If you want to close more deals, run your business like a top agent. We will cover with you the exact systems and processes and best practices to put into place. From lead generation, to technology, to the buyer presentation, how to best service your clients, working with the right Lenders and partners, writing offers that win. You will have full confidence after completing this course to go out and compete at a high level and build upon your current production and streamline your upcoming growth.

KV Core

KV Core is one of the most advanced technology platforms available to us as agents to manage and grow our business. Many have shared that it is finally a platform that they can “go all in on”. This is a full smart CRM, tied to your website and IDX, tied to your social media, drip campaigns, artificial intelligence and major marketing tools and live updated to your clients. KV Core is also a massive lead generation and marketing platform, all linked together.

Seller Data

When beginning your journey to prospect for listings you need to be prepared ahead of time and know where you are going to get your phone numbers and who to call. There are many sources available to real estate agents. In certain markets we already provide this for you! This allows you to access cell phone numbers 24/7 with no additional expense. The video will break down what the top listing sources are, what’s provided and how to navigate the system.

Agent Attraction System

The exact duplicatable process that has allowed agents to attract 20, 50, 100+ agents a year to their Rev Share platform. If it doesn’t duplicate, it doesn’t matter. This step-by-step system and process is designed for you and all agents that come into your organization to be able to create the same results and continue to build.


Prospecting has been the foundation to building a substantial and sustainable business in our industry since the beginning. When doing research, you will find that the top producing listing agents have all built their business on the foundation of prospecting for listings. Having the control and ability to go out and create a listing at will. What to prospect, to what to say, to the art of the sale are what makes the difference.

Lead Generation

Many agents are looking for immediate ways to supplement their current client opportunity lead flow. There are multiple channels that can provide consistent lead generation that we will present to you in this course. Many of these are plug and play to have live leads flow tomorrow.

Breakfast Club

Think of it as your sales gym. This is not your average role play. Instead of your typical script role play, the Breakfast Club breaks down the art of the sale and the conversation, how to handle objections, more than once, and how to use your rescue questions. Take your conversion of appointments set and contracts signed to the next level!

90- Day Production Launch

The purpose of the 90-day production plan is to help any agent just getting started or struggling in their business to get up and running quickly and achieve the results they want. As well as to help kick start an agent’s business to the next level!