Building Your Database

Building Your Database – Future Proofing Your Business — Creating inbound and outbound engines to your business — Leveraging Marketing Automation. This is the core pilar to building your real estate business and should start from day 1 and compound every week and every year.

Using and setting up the Marketing Automation inside of KV Core to proactively work your growing database.

90% of our business is always going to come from follow up. This is where 90% will fail because they do not have a set standard and system in place. How are you managing your leads? How are you maximizing your return on every contact? How are you maximizing the No’s? Are you building a scaling database that you can market to that will start to feed you? We will go over the difference between your core database and target audience and how to grow a sustainable database and set up a system today. The work you today will continue to create results years later.