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Having a strong business plan is the foundation of any great salesperson or business being operated. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We will help you create the goal and the roadmap to get there through this important process. It starts with establishing your goals, then writing out a road map to get there. Complete with a daily schedule that aligns with that goal! Access all handouts in the Materials section.

Part 1 is an important precursor to Part 2 – Where you will deep dive into the sources of your business, your expenses, and resources. This gives you a strong sense of reality to build upon for the next year and to focus on profitability.

Part 2 of our Business Planning Workshop is all around Action, Implementation, and Execution. Here we cover the Top 5 Lead generation Pillars, The Business Metrics to formulate your own custom business plan, the Perfect schedule of a Top producer, and the Mastery steps on hat exactly to do next!

From the Godfather, Mike Ferry, himself. How to set real estate goals.