Welcome to CoFounders Private Access

Building and expanding your business through access to shared resources and success! This private portal gives you full access to resources, scripts, training content, tools, and events that will help you expand any avenue of your business and at your demand. This platform is constantly expanding and being added to as we evolve and grow as an industry. This shared alignment is how we grow together!

Onboarding Made Easy

Everything needed to streamline your transition and then launching you into production and growth!

Pre Onboarding

When you start the transition and planning process, there are steps in place to set yourself and everything you need ahead of time to make the actual switch easy.

From presetting up marketing materials and plugging in behind the scenes, to frequently asked questions. This is everything you need as you are getting started!

Onboarding Launch

Fast launch made easy! We know making a move is a big deal. We have put together a play by play-by-play process to simplify your set up.

We walk you through being set up and plugged into everything necessary to not only keep your current business moving full steam ahead…. to then being ready to implement the resources you came here to level up!

Full-Service Access

Seller Data Platform

Access to off-market Seller contact information and Circle Prospecting cell numbers. Only available for select markets. For self-prospecting to get listings!

CoFounders School

Collection of all training series, systems, scripts, and checklists leveraged by top producers across our industry to build your real estate business and scale.

CoFounders Schedule

All training and coaching sessions by CoFounders are held LIVE. View the on-going training schedule to plug into the community and start working on growth!

Upcoming Events

Click here to access all local and Global events for the year! Our Network puts on massive Mastermind events every quarter where we get together to strategize and build together with the biggest producers, builders and leaders within eXp. These events are packed with incredible content and growth! Bring your team!

In addition to local events on the grounds held throughout the Country. Attend Agent Attraction events and agent learning events. Where you can expand and learn from top producers and leaders across the industry.

Michelle Wilson

Developing and coaching real estate agents, teams and companies for 17+ years. Specializing in operations, systems and back-end leverage to scale your business. Passion to support and build people and have fun!



Chad Cooley

Dominating the mortgage and real estate industry since the age of 15. Coaching real estate agents on the art of the sale in prospecting to control and drive their listing business to massive levels. Committed to your success!