Week 13: Negotiating Contracts

Week #13: Negotiating Contracts

Negotiating is highly important

  • We see multiple offers
  • We see prices bid up
  • We see inexperienced agents sitting down with Sellers with multiple offers and not knowing what to do
  1. Almost every agent considers themselves good at negotiating – But truthfully, they are not good because they have no sales skills. Negotiating is the ability to bring two parties together. Negotiating is asking a lot of questions. The sale skills are what makes negotiations work
  2. More than ever we have to control the state of the client – The emotion and drama that agents bring is what kills the transactions. Keep the emotion and drama out of the deal
  3. Make sure that you understand that the transaction is not about you – It’s about them
  4. Since you are not part of the transaction – Don’t let your commission get drug into the transaction. For every service there is a fee paid.
  5. Try to see things from both sides…What is the seller seeing/thinking? What is the buyer seeing/thinking. Understand the view from both sides.
  6. Get your ego out of the way
  7. You’re not going to win every time. Some will be accepted, some will be rejected.