Week 11: Handling Objections

Week #11: Handling Objections

Differentiate the difference between an Objection and a condition.

There is a direct correlation between the strength of my presentation and the number of objections I receive.

Since objections never change — Why don’t we learn the answers? Sales people know what to say. Sales people know how to respond.

If you keep working every week at strengthening the presentation itself – You will continue to move more and more sellers over to your side. This is a never ending process – You will always be working on becoming the best gent there is. Learn your presentation skills. As you strengthen them you receive less and less objections and move more and more sellers to your side.

Handling objections is primarily mind over matter. You have to remove the fears you have, which is the mindset,  vs the actual objections you get, which is the matter. You have to believe there isn’t an objection they can give you that you can’t handle.

Don’t try to handle the objections during the pre-qualifying. Pre-qualifying is just to discover stuff.

Series of rules recommended:

  • Never argue when you get an objection – always agree
  • Smile and nod your head a lot
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Listen to the answers
  • Answer the objection if necessary
  • Keep moving forward in your presentation no matter what happens


  • Continue to practice the presentation 1 time per day
  • Write down your toughest objections on a 3×5 card and practice them everyday